My Name is Kelly and I am a Twitter Addict

My Name is Kelly and I am a Twitter Addict

Throughout this semester, my online and digital public relations class has been a constant reminder how important my online presence is. Whether you are retweeting someone else’s content or posting your own thoughts on a blog, the content you share online is tied to your name for the entire Internet to see. Professor Low demonstrated to us that it is possible for your online posting to hurt you, but more importantly, you can use it to help you and springboard yourself into the world of digital media.

The company I identified as a dream employer in the beginning of the semester was Live Nation Entertainment. The requirements to land a marketing internship with Live Nation included being able to express creative ideas for promotions that are consistent with the brand voice and be able to monitor social media. Through this class, we have discussed both of these topics thoroughly and I feel more confident to say, “Yes! I can do those things.”

Writing is always something I have enjoyed. Now, I have created (by force) a place to express my opinions online through WordPress. The blogs I have crafted throughout this course are on topic for my major and have allowed me to compose assignments in a creative, easy-to-read format. Once I get some free time, I plan to build on my blog with topics of my choice.

Before this course, I was a member of Twitter but hardly used my account. After using Twitter to interact with classmates and add to assignments, I have explored the many different ways Twitter can impact your online reputation. Not only is it a great way to share original content, but you can also retweet brands and people who share your interests to turn your Twitter into an in depth “about me” page for future employers to browse.

With my newfound love and use of Twitter, I now have a place to share my dorky jokes, annoying memes and interesting articles. I can follow brands that I would like to work for and even interact with key influencers.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.40.38 AM


I chose to run a Hootsuite report over my detailed Twitter engagement. I was hoping to see how much I have grown on Twitter, but due to technically difficulties, the report was not available. However, I have gained over 75 new followers since the beginning of this course and my tweets garner quite a bit more attention than before.

Overall, the importance of my digital footprint is on my mind every time I post something online. This course has not only reminded me of my digital footprint, but also forced me to add to it. The final project of this course demonstrated what us public relations graduates will be doing in our professional careers. Thanks for a great semester, Professor Low!


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