Using Data Visualization to Tell Your Story

Using Data Visualization to Tell Your Story

Instagram still reigns in my book as “Best App Ever”. I use my iPhone as a camera more than a telephone and love sharing my photos online. Filters take me from a sleep-deprived college kid to a model in half a second. With the website SimplyMeasured, Instagram users can get a free overview of their Instagram use in the last two months. Check out my analytics in this infographic I made with Piktochart!


By creating an infographic, the data presented is much easier to understand. The audience gets the important information handed to them in colorful, fun graphics. This eliminates the need to scroll through a report or skim an article. With colors and design techniques, organizations can brand infographics to let their personality shine through. So next time you have to present data, consider using an infographic. With many free online tools, it is an easy way to make your report memorable.


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