My Totally Meta Online Post About My Personal Online Posting

My Totally Meta Online Post About My Personal Online Posting

We are living in an online world and I am an online girl. I use the World Wide Web to learn many things such as Drake lyrics and how to effectively fold a fitted sheet. But with graduation approaching quickly, I realize that I need to use the Internet and my multiple social media accounts to market myself to potential employers (and potential husbands). As a public relations major at Texas Tech, I have many possible avenues of work after graduation. So how can I use my online reputation to land a job that fits my style?

A brief glance at my social media accounts can tell visitors a little about me. From Instagram, it is obvious that I love attending live music events and that I rock at selfie angles. On Twitter, I typically tweet what I am currently listening to or share an interesting article from one of the various music blogs I follow. Though I like to show my slightly edgy personality through social media, I try to keep it PG.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.17.50 PM

So now I ask myself, would my online persona make or break my chances of getting hired? Well, I feel like it would depend on the company. Though I do not post controversial things online, I hardly post at all. A company looking for a social media specialist would assume I might not be in tune to the online world because of my inconsistency of posting online. To fix this, I need to become more active online, especially Twitter.

My main goal for my online reputation is to turn my Twitter into a spot where an employer can see that I am an opinionated and clever social media user that pushes the envelope while staying politically correct. Why? Because I spend my free time reading about the destruction of societal norms and listening to 90’s alternative music and I want to promote brands that cater to people like me.

To better monitor my online presence, I use Google Alerts, blog analytics and Klout.

When you search Kelly Kingston, you get quite a few results about Kelly Kingston Homes, a realtor in Oklahoma. Also seen are posts about a man named Kelly Kingston who began a nonprofit surfing company called Share The Stoke. Though neither of these results are negative, neither of them are me. The fifth picture in the images search on Google is a photo of me in my high school homecoming court. I would like to make my blog and Twitter the first to appear when you Google my name one day, but that day is not here.

My Google Alerts for my name come to my email once a week, and typically include information about the Share The Stoke Foundation, which even though I have no ties to, I feel emotionally connected to. Shout out to surfer dude Kelly Kingston.

I have not promoted my blog yet since I plan to fill it with posts that are tailored to the industry I would like to work in. Therefore, my blog has very low traffic. However, Professor Low chose one of my blogs for the “Blog of the Week”, causing me to have a spike in traffic. Thanks Professor Low!

Currently, my Klout score is 60. From the beginning of the semester, it has jumped ten points. At one point, my score was 62! When I post on Instagram and Facebook, I receive many interactions. Twitter, on the other hand, is still my baby. With very few followers and general lack of posting, my Twitter only accounts for six percent of my Klout score. I plan to increase my Klout score by becoming more active on Twitter and receiving more followers, as well as posting more regularly on Instagram and Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.18.31 AM

To wrap things up, I am moderately active online, but to build up my credibility and Klout score, I need to post more often. A positive online presence is important in a world where your Facebook is studied more than your resume. I plan on using my online accounts to benefit me when applying for jobs, which is why I have made the following goals for the next month:

-Increase Klout score by 5 points by December 1.

-Post at least 3 blogs that are not assigned by December 1.

-Increase Twitter followers by 50 people by December 1.

So check back in a few months, maybe I will have reached my goals!


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