There’s Levels To This iPhone Photography

There’s Levels To This iPhone Photography

Taking eye-catching iPhone photos is as simple as repositioning your camera.

With the new iPhone 6s taking 12-megapixel photos now, it is easy to see why iPhone photos are so prominent in online content. Most people already have their iPhone with them, a small phone is less bulky than a large camera and there is nothing easier than snapping a quick photo with your iPhone. It is important to make sure the photos you take with your iPhone are still high-quality and visually appealing, though.

Tonja Hagy, a self-proclaimed iPhone photographer, gave my PR content class a few pointers when taking photos with your phone. One main point made was to get on your subject’s level. Here is why it’s important:

  1. Your audience feels connected with your subject. 
    When photographing people, especially children, it is easy to take a photo from above, looking down on them. Hagy recommends snapping the photo at eye-level of your subject, squatting if you need to. A photo taken at the eye-level of a child lets your audience feel like they are looking at the child.
  2. Details of your subject are more visible.
    When you’re taking a photo of something inanimate, such as food, bending down and taking the photo even with the subject will better show the details you are trying to explain.
    The photo on the left shows the glass, but the photo on the right showcases the details of the business.
  3. You can use the foreground to add interest.
    When you take a photo at the level of the subject, anything in front of the subject can add interest to the photo. Every image should have a foreground, midground, and background. Taking even and low angled photos makes showcasing each ground easier.
    The subject of the photo is the McDonald’s cup, but the computer in the foreground gives the photo context (doing homework at McDonald’s).

    Overall, using your iPhone to take photos is a great way to snap quick content. Your iPhone camera is easily accessible and takes high-quality photos. By positioning your camera at the level of your subject, you can show off the detail of your subject, add interest to the foreground and help your audience connect with your photo.


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